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PlasaHosting utilizes a state of the art datacenter, located in Cbyber Building Jakarta Indonesia and Softlayer Seattle, Washington, USA.
The datacenter is located in one of the most premier telecom facilities ever created. Offering hardened infrastructure and access to the largest and best backbones. The facility offers complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity and security.
We use famous and fastest backbones is Level3, Savvis and MCI

The facility sits atop multiple power grids. This is the grid that is restored first in the event of a power outage and is the most reliable grid in the state. The building is connected via multiple entry vaults on different substations and the datacenter is connected to multiple buses within the building.

There are also multiple redundant Liebert air systems, pumps, MGE Comet UPS battery backup power and onsite permanent generator power. Fire suppression includes a pre-action dry pipe system that is monitored by datacenter staff and 24 hour building security officers. It is also hooked into the central alarm facility.

Security is also a concern, so all facilities are multi stage key card access and use hand geometry readers to prevent card key theft. The facility also has a state of the art CCTV recorded 24x7. All visitors to the datacenters must check in and out of the facility. The goal is to provide maximum redundancy in every facet of the datacenter environment to facilitate 100% uptime for the entire hosting infrastructure.

The data center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with onsite technicians. We also monitor all our servers in the data center for uptime and are immediately notified in the event of an outage.

The network architecture is a complete Cisco product and is a Cisco Certified Network. We utilize fully redundant Cisco 7500 (redundant routers and redundant cards within the router) at the core and state of the art 3550 L3 switch / routers as border routers. To further maximize redundancy, we utilize distributed 2924 XL EN switches to ensure that single chasis failure will have minimum downtime effects on our servers – unlike many of our competition who aggregate hundreds of servers in a single chasis based switch like the 6500 or 5500 which if it fails its cpu or power – it takes down many customers. This approach gives us maximum power failure protection and switch failure protection to distribute the load and risk.

We also utilize VLANS to prevent customer IP space hijacking and conflicts. By keeping our network as flat as possible – we minimize route convergence and latency in the backbone and speed the packets to the best provider through BGP4 on the core.

The network is fully meshed and redundant with 4 backbone providers. The current network consists of GIG lines to each provider. By having less providers with a larger burst capacity we are able to handle DoS attacks better than many of our competitors that have chosen many smaller pipes. This is because a DoS attack will many times concentrate itself on one inbound or outbound connection and can swamp it if it is only a 100 meg or and oc3. We do not provision less than GIG circuits on the backbone any more. It also allows us plenty of room to fail back and forth from provider to provider without regards to where the traffic is going to prefer since any one of our links has far sufficient size to handle all of our traffic.

Staff actively monitors routers for key factors including temperature, cpu and memory utilization and monitor connections for transit latency and uptime. Staff is notified immediately in the event of a process going out of tolerance or an outage through automated systems, which results in immediate corrective action.

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